Take great care over the security of your flat and bear in mind the following precautions to help protect the estate in general:

xxxx Do not let people into the building that you do not know personally,
xxxxhowever plausible they may sound.
xxxx Do not allow strangers to follow you into the building. If you are not
xxxxcertain who they are, ask them to wait till the person they are
xxxxvisiting responds on the intercom.
xxxx Make sure that the main door to your block is shut securely behind
xxxxyou when entering and leaving the building and do not leave it propped
xxxxopen at any time.
xxxx Make sure that any tradesmen working in your flat are told that the
xxxxmain front door must not be left open and unsupervised at any time.
xxxx Report any suspicious behaviour to the estate office by calling
xxxx020 8788 1017 or call the police.

There is a night security guard on duty throughout the year. Contact him immediately if you have any security concerns or have anything unusual to report. The security guard can be contacted on 020 8788 1017 at all times.