Residents of Manor Fields are proud of their peaceful surroundings and you should be particularly mindful of this fact when watching television, listening to music, holding parties or using domestic appliances or power tools. If you are planning to have a party in your flat, tell your neighbours and ask your guests to leave the building quietly.

Complaints about noise created by other residents that cannot be resolved on a personal level should be made to Wandsworth council on 020 8871 7869.

Advertising of any kind, including For Sale or To Let boards, posters and billboards, must not be displayed in or on any part of the estate or parked vehicles.

There are five areas — behind Balliol, Bede, Glenalmond, Mansfield and Somerville houses — where you can light barbecues and eat in the open air. They are available on a first-come-first-served-basis. You should make sure that all rubbish and ash are taken away and not left in the gardens. Barbecues are not allowed on the man lawn or around the pond.

Drying your washing
Do not spoil the appearance of your flat and the estate by hanging clothing or laundry in the windows, where they would be visible from outside. Clothes that cannot go into tumble dryers can be dried out of sight in your airing cupboard or bathroom.

Boots and shoes must not be left outside flats, either on landings or outside the entrances to the houses. They can be unsightly and could obstruct other residents’ movements.

Foxes are a nuisance and can carry disease. Under no circumstances should you give them food. They dig in the gardens, leave their dirt on the ground and have been known to attack babies and children.

Although your lease stipulates that the floor of your flat must be covered with carpets and underfelt lo keep noise to a minimum, a concession exists to allow wooden floors under a licence, which contains conditions about the use of soundproofing materials and the payment of surveyors’ and legal fees. Whether you have a wooden floor or carpets, particular attention should be paid to insulating your floor against noise from pianos, audio equipment, televisions, radios, sewing machines and other appliances. Kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories do not need to be carpeted. For further information, contact the estate office on 020 8788 1017.

Your lease allows you to keep a cat or a small dog as long as it does not cause a nuisance to other residents. Cats can go outside but they should wear collars fitted with a bell. Cat flaps may be flitted to back doors at owners’ expense. If you are walking a dog on the estate, make sure it is always on a lead and remember that it is your responsibility to clean up any mess your dog leaves. Your lease does not allow you to keep birds, reptiles or other animals.

Prams and buggies
Do not leave prams or buggies on the landings or anywhere else in the communal areas, where they could obstruct other residents’ movements.

Smoking is not allowed in the hallways, lifts or garages, or on landings or rear stairways. You may smoke outside the buildings but you must pick up your cigarette butts and dispose of them safely.